Rachael Castell is an interviewer and presenter, hosting one-on-one discussions, panels, Q&As and training courses across the film, comedy and music industries.

This is a highlights reel featuring: David Mitchell and Jez Butterworth at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Felix Martin and Al Doyle - of Hot Chip and New Build - for Domino Publishing and Amelia Bullmore and the team behind Twenty Twelve. 

A Portrait of British Songwriting

Together with her business partner Rachel King, Rachael is currently working on A Portrait of British Songwriting.  

Created by Domino Publishing and Wolf & Diva in collaboration with Sonos, A Portrait of British Songwriting is an exhibition exploring songwriting today through candid photography and intimate interviews with artists in their homes and places of inspiration. 

photo reel

Rachael is also a voiceover artist, recently heard in Picturehouse Cinemas across London as the voice of the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival Trailer.

rachael hosts the monthly all singing, all dancing, all cocktail-making film quiz 'mark it zero' which regularly ends in an all-player dance-off.

rachael sings and writes lyrics for her band 'the wild rye'.

And finally...

As you can see, I work across a variety of areas, but mainly I like talking to people - either as a presenter, interviewer, course facilitator, between songs on stage, or just wherever I find someone interesting, which I tend to find is actually 'everywhere'.   If you would like to contact me about doing more of the same, particularly hosting events, conducting interviews or presenting in general, please see the aptly titled 'contact' page.