I have always worked in the film world and continue to do so in a variety of guises (NB not actual disguises... I mean 'ROLES'):

  • Through my creative partnership Wolf and Diva - with the inspirational, vibrant and just brilliant Rachel King (Wolf) - I co-curate and deliver filmmaker training and industry events for:

  • I am a consultant for Event Cinema specialists CinemaLive.

  • I also organise a monthly film quiz with my good friend the filmmaker Ross Clarke.  It is called Mark It Zero and is mainly an excuse to make cocktails, sing songs and dance around whilst discussing films.  You should come! I think it would be right up your street - it's not like those other film quizzes you have been to like that one with the annoying man on that one team.  It is hosted at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch on the first Tuesday of the month. 

  • In 2011, I went to the Congo with the Interact Centre for Visual and Performing Arts to capture their work with indigenous people in the rainforest there. Here is an example of one of the performances that the team achieved on our travels.

  • Over the years, I have made a few films with the Fabulous Russella the first of which is called Dirty and can be found somewhat disturbing but has had a huge international audience thanks to Ben Walters and his night, BURN (you can watch that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1H3lVrymWY  NB this is not to everyone's taste... although I find it hilarious).  Below is a milder video we made together about drag queens.

Shit Drag Queens Actually Say filmed and directed by Rachael Castell: http://rachaelcastell.com (with The Fabulous Russella www.russella.co.uk)

  • I spent several years working as an Interactive Producer for the English National Opera and produced over 100 films for them, for example this one which was directed by the incredibly multi-talented Fay Milton:

An interview with David Moss, one of the lead vocalists in the English National Opera's production of Lost Highway.

  • Over the years, I have also filmed, produced and directed a selection of corporate video work, like this video I made in collaboration with The Broken Hearts for Barry M:

  • I love playing with The Broken Hearts, so we also made this short film about circus performers:

Dir: Rachael Castell Journey through the spectacular world of circus performance past and present with Amber and Nisha - the East End’s own Broken Hearts DJs.

  • Early on in my career, I produced several short films which had some excellent exposure on the festivals circuit. These included:

    • Self Help by Tes Noah Asfaw which was selected into the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, the Tampere Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the Manhattan Short Film Festival, among several others. It was also selected as part of PBS' Image Union series and was broadcast on PBS Chicago

    • Out of Time by Rory O'Donnell which became the beautiful Hourglass: https://vimeo.com/40773811

    • And Girlfriend In A Kimono by the one and only Dominic Thackray which you can watch here:

Vincent loves Candice but she may just be an angel of Rimbaud's fury. Featuring Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Shizuka Hata (Banzai) and Amber Butchart http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0486588/combined Original soundtrack by Ronni Raygun. Additional Music by Saint Etienne, Crass and Talulah Gosh Written and directed by Dominic Thackray. Produced by Oli Harbottle, Rachael Castell, Ronni Raygun Thomas and Yumiko Tahata.