Notes from this morning's journal - 3: Pointe Noire, Congo

Aaron was incensed because Alain and Raoul and Nicole and Jean Leopold and Jeanne were all sitting around reading the play line by line whilst Alain interpreted his feelings at the situation after each break in speech.  The play is 60 pages long.  And Aaron was as exasperated and confused and concerned as I was and struggling with money worries and earth worries and our words of doubt tumbled forward and somehow it was all very cleansing and positive and yet there was so much more and so I set up the camera and we did an interview.  Aaron spoke very measuredly about the situation and was very camera-aware and then it turned out that I hadn’t recorded the sound, so he did it again with far more truth and bile and love and feeling.  Then we took the camera and filmed the play reading and discussion. And then I filmed he and Jeanne having a fight and resolving a fight and it was all very juicy and satisfying and suddenly I felt like a filmmaker and Aaron felt like an interviewee with something to say and whilst it was all going on, Jeanne had had a breakthrough with the play and with Alain and with Jean Leopold who has taken the role of dramaturge.


And then we all felt better and we wanted a beer and so we walked around the block and discovered the Bling Bling nightclub that played Madonna and George Benson and hip hop that I didn’t know but knew I liked and we danced around and shared beer and a cigarette and felt much better after all.