I wrote a blog for SylC all about the Independent Cultural Cinema Exhibition Conference

I am quite proud of it and also it is important to read if you are a cinema because it concerns you.  Do comment if you are actually a cinema, because that's amazing.

It starts like this:

It's not often that the specialised film exhibition sector gets the opportunity to talk directly to policy-makers. So yesterday's Independent Cultural Cinema Exhibition Conference hosted by SylC partner and field leader Watershed in Bristol, was a welcome opening for cinemas, film societies, higher education and research bodies, and funders to share feedback and strategy with DCMS representatives.  Rachael Castell attended on behalf of SylC to note down some of the emerging headlines from an industry both in flux, and - according to many of the attendees - on the brink of an exciting new era...

and you can read the rest here:



thank you and goodnight. x