Sunday: Part II: And then the Director of the Berlin Film Festival put the bread in the lady’s pocket

Alex and I shared a fantastic evening the night before the pitch – entirely accidentally we bumped into each other climbing the chattering cobbled narrow streets of old Cannes in search of dinner. Having missed my friends, I was alone, breathing the night and the frisson of opportunity and excitement coupled with the refreshed calming sea air of Cannes and sort of looking forward to a solo meal at which to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day. At which point Alex happened along, and he kindly invited me to join his table for a great dinner. And at the end of it, we went for pudding and talked about our words to ourselves mine (as those of you who have seen my tattoo will know) is simply ‘yes’. Alex enjoyed that, and I enjoyed his company, his wisdom and calm manner. As we drank red wine and ate surprising apple tart and talked about Sundays, outside I saw a man approach a lady on the phone and calmly put bread in her pocket. Turns out it was the director of the Berlin Film Festival Dieter Kosslich. Oh – the things you see in Cannes!